New premium community within a short drive of Sydney

2 September 2016


The developer set out to create a new premium, master-planned community in NSW which would offer a diverse range of home options and the very best in modern indoor/outdoor living. The locality of the development was situated within a short drive of Sydney. This presented the developer with a challenge in delivering an estate which would stand out from the rest and deliver on the vision without compromise. It was evident that many retaining walls would be required to set the boundaries of new home lots and these would then need to accept fencing on top.

After consultation with the development manager and designers, ModularWalls proposed to use our SlimWall fencing which would integrate retaining wall heights up to 500mm. This enabled the developer to minimise contractors and save money on the overall project cost due to the SlimWall retaining on the boundary and extending to the finished fence height. The solution addressed the vision to create a premium estate by offering a premium fence to every rear and side boundary, promoting a consistent look and feel throughout the estate while creating private outdoor havens for each property due to the premium aesthetic and acoustic properties inherent in each and every SlimWall. This means the development now has a point of difference to other new estates within the region and has contributed to not only increased interest from potential clients, but faster sales velocity of registered lots. The developer was so pleased with the solution, they have now commissioned use of our premium VogueWall for the dress circle within the estate and further utilising our expanded range of TerraFirm composite retaining panels to retain up to 3m where needed in addition to continuing the roll out of the SlimWall fencing and integrated retaining solution for the rest of the development.

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