Modular solution halves acoustic wall costs for highway retirement home

6 December 2016


The developer needed to install an effective noise wall for a retirement village located in the recently created suburb of Leppington in the southwest of Sydney, due to its close proximity to Camden Valley Way. Camden Valley Way is a key arterial route leading to the M5 and the Hume Highway. It is currently slated for expansion into a triple carriage motorway, which will further increase traffic levels and associated noise pollution. The developer placed strong emphasis on the aesthetic appearance of the walls, given that the retirement village is a residential property that is designed to provide occupants with a pleasant living environment. Costs and ease of construction were other key factors for the project, particularly given that curbs and the concurrent development of drainage systems would impede the use of heavy equipment for wall installation.

Work has already finished on a noise barrier that runs for a lineal distance of 400 metres and rises to a height of 3 metres, using the VogueWall in combination with the 75mm AcoustiMax panel to ensure that residents of the retirement village are effectively spared from the roar of nearby traffic. One of the chief advantages of the VogueWall is its aesthetic impact, as it possesses the polished appearance of a rendered masonry wall upon completion. The lightweight modular design of the wall greatly facilitated the ease and speed of installation, which was a key factor for the project given the presence of road curbs and drainage work on the retirement development that forestalled the use of heavy machinery. Work on the wall wrapped up roughly a week ahead of schedule, with the entire installation process from site mobilization to exterior painting taking less than five weeks in total. In addition to rapid installation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the entire project also proved to be highly economical. The total price tag was less than half that for a traditional masonry wall or a concrete noise wall of the same dimensions.

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