Landscaping on a slope made easy with integrated retaining walls

17 July 2018

Sloping blocks present some truly unique landscaping challenges. Retaining walls have long been a saving grace for landscaping on a slope; but now, with our modular wall systems, you can seamlessly integrate retaining into your boundary wall!


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For this corner block home in Newmarket, QLD, our retaining solutions were utilised within both standalone and integrated EstateWall systems. The front standalone retaining wall provided a stunning planter box feature, whilst the integrated retaining created a sleek, seamless boundary solution. The EstateWall boundary wall was continued into the backyard, right up to the glass fencing around the pool area, which highlighted one of the biggest perks of a sloped block; the  gorgeous views!


Save costs

Installing a brick or block retaining wall, as well as a boundary fence on top, can double or even triple your fencing budget. Spending so much on a functional feature can be frustrating, and leave less budget for the ‘fun’ outdoor area expenses.

With our wall systems, you can drastically cut expenses by integrating retaining panels into your boundary wall. The result? More money to spend on new plants, funky lighting and an outdoor fire pit!


Save time

Renovations can be a time-sensitive process, with one step requiring completion before the next stage can begin. Compared to traditional retaining wall options, like brick or block, our wall systems are installed in just 1/4 of the time! Level your lot as quickly as possible, so you can get to work on tiling patios, laying lawns and planting garden beds.

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Seamless finish

Mixing materials is a popular design trend this year; however, a steel fence on top of a brick retaining wall is not quite the look they’re referring to. In fact, it can age your home and even drag down your property value. On the other hand, our seamlessly integrated retaining systems instantly boost the overall aesthetic of your home, whilst achieving a premium rendered aesthetic.