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A happy ModularWalls customer gives us the inside scoop on DIY fencing

20 June 2017

2 Mins


Mandy Tennant of Launceston, Tasmania needed a modern front wall that:

  • Complimented her newly renovated home
  • Provided a secure boundary around the property
  • Offered a cost-effective solution

After ample research, the SlimWall ticked all the boxes. Furthermore, to reduce costs, Mandy chose the DIY installation option, which includes Head Office support throughout the entire process – from advice on correct material choice, to 3D drawings, to 7-day phone support, they’ve got you covered.

For those who are curious about DIY fencing, Mandy would happily recommend the SlimWall to anyone.

“We have a big block which has grey Colourbond boundary fencing and we wanted to avoid the continuation of this type of fencing across the front. It was important for us to erect a wall at the front that matched the contemporary feel of our house and was cost effective,” explains Mandy. “The SlimWall provided a high-end finish at a reasonable cost that seamlessly complimented the modern facade of our home. After researching the product we felt that DIY Installation would be both simple and cost effective.”

When asked about how the installation of the modular wall system went, the feedback was incredibly positive.

“The SlimWall was very easy to install and we didn’t experience any speed bumps. It was erected within a single day, with some light pre-cutting beforehand. The fence was then painted the same colour as the house, with a rendered finish to match the facade. Have two people to install the wall and you are good to go…it’s that easy!”

These modular wall and fence systems were designed with the DIY customer in mind. ModularWalls always loves hearing from clients who are thrilled with the final outcome. Overall, the DIY fencing option saved their customer time and labour costs, and ensured that their wall was installed exactly to their liking.

“Erecting the SlimWall was a fraction of the cost of even the most basic of fences, yet it has a sleek, modern and quality finish to match our home. Installing this ourselves also further reduced the cost. We have received many positive comments, including from passers-by. We’re really happy that it complements our home without overpowering it; we scored a quality, high end finish without the cost to match!”