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An EstateWall® retains style and functionality

20 December 2015

2 Mins


An EstateWall integrated with ModularWalls retaining panel  provided a consistent and visually appealing wall in one, without the need and cost of building a standard masonry retaining wall.

The owners of the newly renovated house in Cremorne required some major structural landscape renovations on a tricky, stepped block and wanted a cost-effective retaining solution that linked seamlessly into the Art Deco style of their home. In addition, they needed a wall to provide them acoustic screening and visual privacy from an adjacent public walkway that also doubled as a pool perimeter boundary wall.

 The homeowner was particularly impressed with how the retaining waterproof panels are reinforced, have zero absorption, and a high load retaining wall capacity.  The acoustically rated EstateWall provided the perfect screening from pedestrians using the neighbouring public footway whilst providing the perfect perimeter wall for their pool. The final wall was painted in the same acrylic colour as the house providing the perfect finish.