Dual purpose wall needed for Ballina Bypass

28 April 2017


A newly constructed bypass in Northern NSW required a dual purpose wall that provided houses backing onto it with a high level of noise attenuation as well as a barrier to stop pedestrians wandering onto or near the road.

The wall was to be 2km long at 2.1m tall. Special consideration and design work had to be undertaken where the wall crossed culverts and bridges. Access to the line of the wall was very tight in places and heavy machinery wasn’t allowed on the new road surface. The completion was on a very tight timeline and had to be finished and painted in time for the road opening so the speed of supply along with the lightweight nature of the EnduroMax panels was a perfect match.

ModularWalls constructed a 2km long noise wall using our AcoustiMax75 (R271) compliant panels. The lightweight nature of the panels meant they could be installed in most cases with only a hiab truck, negating the need for heavy machinery on the road surface as well as being able to navigate into tight spaces. The installation timeline was comfortably met and the road opened without delay.


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