DIY retaining wall provides cost-effective solution

31 March 2017

This resident needed to level the uneven yard of his home situated on the low side of the street and increase the functionality of his outdoor space. The solution had to offer affordable, easy installation that matched the modern aesthetics of their home as well as fitting within their renovation budget.

The VogueWall Aluminium retaining wall ticked every box. Installation was quick and simple – no strip footing was needed and its modular, lightweight nature required only a day’s work, saving them time and cost. This cost reduction was the difference that made renovations affordable, allowing them to spread the funds across other areas of the project, such as garden landscaping.

The unique, cementitious surface of the panels accept any finish, including paints, textures and cladding, and was painted to match the home’s rendered aesthetic and accentuate the connected architectural design. The spectacular tiered garden of planter boxes softened the space and their new, level lawn has boosted its functionality for outdoor entertaining, as well as adding a manicured appearance to the yard.

The resident was extremely impressed with the outcome, receiving many compliments on the recently landscaped area. Overall, the VogueWall Aluminium retaining wall allowed renovation visions to become a financial reality, without sacrificing aesthetic or quality.