DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned As Second #DIYMODWALL Winner

11 September 2018

Out of all of our #DIYMODWALL entrants, this wall design completely blew us away. The creativity in the design, as well as the unique finishes, was nothing short of magic. We caught up with Tracy Winn about her stunning DIY pool feature wall and the sunken poolside lounge that it framed!

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Q.  What were the most important factors for you when deciding on which product to use?

Tracy: I needed to enclose our area and screen a very unpleasant sight behind. The product needed to appear like a solid rendered wall, as well as offer great height and flexibility with using it on different angles.


Q. What guided you to choose the VogueWall modular wall over other wall products?

Tracy: After I did my research, I loved that modular walls had the flexibility I required. It was such a simple process to install and saved me a load of time; in fact it was up and constructed in one weekend! I also liked that the wall could be painted in my chosen colour, which I cohesively matched in with the outdoor kitchen area that we recently completed.

A feature which made the VogueWall stand out was the post capping, to give detail and structure to the fence. And it’s very lightweight, which needed only two people to install – no cranes, no trucks and no working crew required! Its height was fantastic and it gave the appearance of a solid rendered wall.


Q. How did you find the DIY experience?

Tracy: As mentioned above, DIY install was completely simple! You’ve clearly supported the DIYer. From the initial phone call, to understanding my design, to ordering and delivery, nothing was a problem. I live in Queensland and it was done with ease!


DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned As Second #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned As Second #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls
DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned As Second #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned As Second #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls
DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls
DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls

Above images supplied by Winning Interiors


Q. Tell us more about your stunning wall finish!

Tracy: We painted the wall in Dulux’s Winter Fog to cohesively flow with our outdoor kitchen area, and finished the detailing with a contrasting white colour on the posts. No render was required!

We teamed the wall with a built-in bench seat to bring a practical element and intimacy into the zone. The top of the seat was tiled in the same French Travertine tiles as the pool, and was trimmed with skirting board to frame and finish.

Lighting was added to either side of the window, too. This lighting comes on with the pool lights, party lights and plant lighting placed strategically around the pool area. Lighting was chosen in a matte black to harmonise with the outdoor kitchen lighting.

Now this here is what the whole design hinged on – a feature I came up with, of installing an over-sized window to the back of the bench seat. I wanted this to be a mirror, to reflect the pool in front and to give an illusion of space to elongate the sunken lounge area.

A real mirror would have been very costly and way too heavy to mount, so I opted for ordering a large piece of outdoor coated acrylic and framed it with wood trimming to resemble a window!

A simple concrete sculpture was then hung to one side of the wall, along with a large mature planting, a pole mounted umbrella and the famous ‘Tommy Bahama Swaying Palm Leaf’ lumber cushions along the bench.


Q. How did you find designing your poolside sunken lounge?

Tracy: In any construction, there are always factors that will spark the process. Ours was that the land naturally ran lower to one end; the solution is to have a step down through the whole pool area.

It begins at the top, with a wood-fire pizza oven and steps down into the outdoor kitchen, running into the pool section. Towards this end, the pool area dropped, and we decided to put in a sunken lounge.

The goal was to make this area feel as one, and not disjointed. It also offered a lounging area in the pool zone for non-swimmers to sit, watch and enjoy. It even encourages us to bring out our morning coffee and paper and catch the morning sun, making this area available to us during both winter and summer alike.

DIY Pool Feature Wall Crowned #DIYMODWALL Winner | ModularWalls

Q. What’s your favourite element of your new DIY pool feature wall?

Tracy: I am so happy with the final outcome of the wall — the whole design idea has been a success! I’m very impressed with the wall’s simplicity in both construction and form, but equally love that it holds a robust finish, resembling the structure of a solid wall.

The creativity, vision and innovation behind Tracy’s magical DIY pool feature wall has truly blown us away. If you’re as inspired by her design style as we are, you can find more of her work on her company’s website, Winning Interiors.