Corner block fencing dramatically boosts street appeal for new build

11 June 2019

With premium corner block fencing and architectural landscaping, this striking home has become a focal point for local residents of Harrington Park. The grand statement EstateWall boosted street appeal, levelled sloping land, boosted privacy and created a secure outdoor oasis; all with one sleek wall system.


Boost Street Appeal - Corner Block Fencing | ModularWallsBoost Street Appeal - Corner Block Fencing | ModularWalls
Corner Block Fencing - New Build - Street Appeal | ModularWallsCorner Block Fencing - New Build - Street Appeal | ModularWalls
Corner Block Retaining Wall- New Build | ModularWallsCorner Block Retaining Wall- New Build | ModularWalls
Corner Block Front Wall- New Build | ModularWallsCorner Block Front Wall- New Build | ModularWalls
Corner Block Privacy Fencing - New Build | ModularWallsCorner Block Privacy Fencing - New Build | ModularWalls
Premium Fencing - New Build Homes | ModularWallsPremium Fencing - New Build Homes | ModularWalls
Corner Block Pool Fencing - New Build | ModularWallsCorner Block Pool Fencing - New Build | ModularWalls


Street appeal

The grand EstateWall offers a dramatic grand statement for this corner block home, proudly showcasing fountains of ferns against its fresh, white canvas.

For the boundary wall, the unique combination of Flush post tops and External wall capping creating a clean frame aesthetic. The smooth, white finish supported the home’s modern architectural values and harmonised with the outdoor room and feature front entrance.

With integrated post lighting casting a regal glow throughout the darker hours, this beacon of contemporary architecture is a standout feature of the block, catching many an admiring eye in the neighbourhood.


Retaining walls

Sloping blocks can pose many challenges when building a new home. However, with the use of our simple retaining panel solutions, this homeowner was able to level their lot and create lineal structure to their landscaping within the very same wall system.

By swapping the standard wall panel to a retaining panel, the EstateWall system can retain up to 750mm of soil. This offers the opportunity to build standalone retaining walls, as seen in this application, or to seamlessly incorporate retaining into a boundary or front wall design!

In fact, this retaining wall wrapped around the entire corner property, seamlessly turning into a low front wall. The striking design boasted Flush capping and post tops, with integrated post lighting. Finally, the wall was painted in the same shade as the boundary wall to achieve aesthetic harmony.


Corner block fencing for security and privacy

When building on a corner block property, the biggest priority for boundary solutions is privacy and security. To make the most of the land, you must be able to create a secure sanctuary and have the utmost of confidence when it comes to the wall or fence that will protect your home.

The grand EstateWall reaches heights of up to 3m and its smooth post-and-panel design allows for a non-climbable wall face. With the option to integrate intercoms, surveillance systems or cast iron infills, you can create a truly secure perimeter.


Block road noise

True privacy also includes acoustic privacy; corner blocks are some of the most affected homes in Australia when it comes to noise reduction issues. However, our wall systems are also acoustically rated and tested by the National Laboratory of Australia. In fact, these products not only protect residential properties; our products are a trusted noise attenuation solution for commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects all over Australia.

In conclusion, with ModularWalls, you can be confident that you’re receiving a commercial grade noise reduction solution, with a stylish domestic aesthetic; and at an incredibly cost-effective price point, compared to traditional brick or concrete. Reduce traffic noise, preserve your family’s acoustic privacy, ensure your home’s security and boost street appeal; all in a single sweep.


Create an outdoor space you truly love; our exquisite wall and fencing systems are Australian Made, acoustically rated and highly customisable.

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