BarrierWall™ road noise wall offers quick and easy installation for land development

30 November 2017


The client required a 3.6m noise wall between lot developments that offered a quick and easy installation, due to overhead power lines and tight time constraints between DA approval and hand over. Overhead and underground services posed a further challenge, prohibiting heavy beams from being used in the design, whilst still requiring the panels to achieve a minimum of 15 kg/m2 density.

The BarrierWall™ system by ModularWalls overcame both challenges whilst providing the added benefits of premium aesthetics. The lightweight, modular system offered installation without the use of a crane and was installed in just 2 weeks.

Running almost 90m long and incorporating proprietary AcoustiMax™ panels, the noise barrier provided high quality sound attenuation from Narellan Road, a major arterial road in the area, and perfectly integrated with an existing wall.


ModularWalls™ designed and delivered a premium, customised acoustic solution, with modified installation methods, to fit the client’s specific needs.

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