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Modular solution facilitates wall installation around backyard swimming pool

21 December 2016

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The designer of this new home with a commanding view of Port Phillip Bay wanted to install a boundary wall almost directly adjacent to the property’s sizeable backyard swimming pool. The considerable size of the pool in combination with its close proximity to the property boundary required a wall installation process that would be less intrusive or disruptive to the surrounding area. Aesthetic considerations were also extremely important for the job, given that the landscape architect for the project strongly emphasised the need for the finished wall to complement the rest of the property.

The developers opted to use the VogueWall supplied by ModularWalls in order to avoid disruption to the swimming pool situated almost adjacent to the property boundary. Due to its modular form, the installation of the VogueWall involves far less disturbance of the surrounding land than a conventional masonry wall. While a masonry wall would entail the disruptive, time-consuming excavation of strip footings, the installation of the VogueWall requires little more than the excavation of post holes followed by the setting and concreting of the posts that hold the modular panels. The use of a ModularWalls product enabled the installers to work with greater ease and speed within a highly constrained space.

The installation of a 2.4 metre high wall running for a lineal distance of 59 metres took the building team only five working days, as compared to the multiple weeks that the construction of a traditional masonry wall would have required. Following the installation, the landscape architect added a rendered texture-finish to the VogueWall, in order to ensure the completed project fully suited the aesthetic style of the property.