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Expressed joint adds architectural edge to SlimWall® project

9 September 2016

2 Mins


The SlimWall fencing system with the expressed joint architectural feature provided this homeowner a strong acoustic properties and a statement aesthetic that was reminiscent of the weatherboard style.

This homeowner had a timber-frame fence equipped with cement sheeting running along the boundary line between his property and an adjacent residential property. While the fence wasn’t that old, it had fallen into a state of severe disrepair and was no longer fit for purpose. The driveways of both properties were situated on either side of the fence, serving as a source of noise disruption to both parties. Therefore, the homeowner needed a wall solution that would be aesthetically pleasing, as well as keep the noise down on either side.

Following much research, the homeowner decided to use the SlimWall fencing solution provided by ModularWalls, due to its strong acoustic properties as well as its excellent aesthetic appearance. A local fencer and ModularWalls trade partner – Justin Williams from V.I.P. Home Services – Fencing & Home Maintenance – took on the installation job.

Unlike traditional timber fencing, that has a good and a bad side, SlimWall looks beautiful on both sides. This avoids any potential disputes over which direction the SlimWall boundary fence would face. Each neighbour can also finish the wall with their own colour scheme.

Another aesthetic option chosen by the client was our architectural expressed panel joint. The expressed joint achieves a linear rebate between the panels. This creates an elegant feature that fully complements the overall style of the modular wall.

The client was ecstatic with the final result, and told the installer that it was far better than what they had ever expected.