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Ambulance upgrade gets the ModularWalls® noise mitigation treatment

29 April 2016

2 Mins


An upgrade of Coolangatta’s Ambulance Station to modernise its facilities and meet the demands of the local community also came with the requirement to provide a noise reduction solution for the Ambulance Officers sleeping quarters. As leaders of noise abatement solutions, ModularWalls was immediately contacted to look at ways to provide a noise buffer surrounding the sleeping quarters. A solution was needed to seamlessly link into the overall newly refurbished design aesthetics. Finally, it was very important that the solution be price sensitive.

Following an initial site assessment, it was determined that a 35 metre long x 1.8 metre high SlimWall fence with its typical fourfold audible noise reduction would offer the most cost effective solution. Incorporating the AcoustiMax50 panels, SlimWall has a proven noise reduction quality of 20 +dB, so was therefore able to provide much needed noise relief to the Ambulance Officers utilising the sleeping quarters facilities. Given SlimWall has no good or bad side and can be painted in any colour swatch, it was able to seamlessly integrate into the stations overall refurbishment. Finally, the simplicity of SlimWall’s design also allowed for quick and cost effective installation that was completed over 3.5 days.