VogueWall® with aluminium posts offers sleek pool boundary wall

20 March 2017


The owner of this home in the Sydney suburb of Concord wanted to build a tall boundary fence around the backyard swimming pool that would be aesthetically pleasing yet resilient.

Because of the terrain surrounding the property the homeowner wanted to incorporate a retaining function into the boundary wall, as well as minimize space consumption and cost.

The homeowner also wanted the boundary wall to be highly durable, and capable of withstanding the rust or corrosion that can afflict built structures situated in maritime environments or within close proximity of pool facilities.

In order to satisfy the multiple requirements for the project the homeowner opted to use the aluminium VogueWall, which permitted the creation of a durable, aesthetically pleasing boundary fence that can better withstand salt and chlorine-related corrosion.

The use of aluminium for the VogueWall posts makes the completed boundary fence far more resistant to the corrosion associated with swimming pools or maritime environments, helping to reduce maintenance costs as well as extend product lifecycle.

The aluminium VogueWall also expands the aesthetic possibilities of modular walls by employing far smaller posts that measure just 100mm by 100mm, as compared to the standard 150mm by 250mm VogueWall post.

These narrower, flatter posts protrude far less from the surface of the wall itself, providing owners or developers with the option of a more discrete and unobtrusive appearance.

The 2-metre tall wall for the property in Concord also made use of VogueWall retaining panels at its base to fulfil a soil retaining function up to a height of 60 centimetres.

This significantly reduced costs as well as saved on land space by avoiding the need to build a separate retaining wall in addition to the boundary fence.

The space economization was especially important for the project, given that the boundary wall encloses a backyard recreational area and sizeable home swimming pool.