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An aesthetically superior versatile noise barrier

29 July 2016

1 Min


Lend Lease in conjunction with Abi Group required a noise attenuation wall along The Northern Road upgrade project at Jordan Springs. The project needed to meet strict conditions of the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) R271 specification, including extended design life and impact resistance. Together with high acoustic performance, a key component of the solution was to maintain a superior aesthetic look similar to a BarrierWall built by ModularWalls in the adjacent award winning Urban development – Jordan Springs. Not without construction challenges either, our team also needed to design with integrated retaining panels and pedestrian interaction in mind.

ModularWalls worked with PND Civil to present a high performing and cost-effective solution. The unique GuardianWall incorporated AcoustiMax75 panels to comfortably exceed all requirements including the required 31+RW (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) ensuring outstanding noise abatement.

But the stand-out feature of this wall was the cutting edge aesthetics. The customised design ensured a simple, singular beam footing that integrated with the existing retaining wall. A unique characteristic of the panels was a ‘fit for purpose’ UB infill by ModularWalls that ensured a like finish on both sides, eliminating the inferior, yet common trait, of having a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side. Given the benefit that GuardianWall requires no heavy lifting equipment during installation, contractors installed it with ease and within a very short time frame.