Adding slats to TrendWall enhances privacy for corner block townhouse

21 December 2016


The homeowner of this corner block townhouse needed to replace the property’s external fences after an unfortunate vehicle collision left them irreparably damaged. The original fence rose to a height of two metres, yet was still unable to maintain the full privacy of the home because of the increased elevation of land within the lot. The homeowner wanted the replacement fence to maintain the privacy of the property and convey a sense of solidity, particularly given its position on an exposed corner block. At the same time she did not want the completed fence to look too imposing or resemble the walls of a fortified enclosure.

Following her own research, the homeowner decided that the best option for her needs was the TrendWall provided by ModularWalls. A key factor behind her decision was the ability of the TrendWall to incorporate additional features that can enhance the appearance and functionality of the completed wall. The homeowner added a series of wooden slats to the top of the wall to increase its height. This improved its ability to maintain personal privacy by extending its vertical measurement from 2 metres to 2.4 metres. The wall was also rendered and painted by the installers, resulting in a far more superior appearance compared to the original fence. A rough, textured finish gave the wall that extra sense of solidity, while also complementing the painted surfaces of the house itself.

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