AcoustiSorb® delivers HVAC noise control for Billbergia luxury apartments

18 November 2019

For a sophisticated HVAC noise control solution, the revolutionary AcoustiSorb was the clear choice for Billbergia’s new luxury apartment complex.

 AcoustiSorb HVAC Noise Control For Billbergia Apartments | ModularWalls

For their new luxury apartment complex in Wentworth Point, Billbergia needed noise control for their HVAC and mechanical plant. A high-performance noise barrier was required to protect the peace of residents and neighbours, as outlined by the strict acoustic requirements within council development guidelines.

Furthermore, with their reputation for luxury design, the solution had to offer sophisticated aesthetics that harmonised with its architectural surroundings.

Lastly, being situated on a rooftop, the client preferred manoeuvrable, lightweight materials for the high-risk installation.

AcoustiSorb HVAC Noise Control For Billbergia Apartments | ModularWalls

The AcoustiSorb panel effortlessly met every part of the brief, combining high performance acoustic attenuation with a sleek, designer finish. Harnessing revolutionary composite technology, AcoustiSorb is our high-performance noise absorption wall panel; it is custom-designed to meet the modern world’s toughest acoustic pollution challenges.

With an Rw rating of up to 45, and an NRC rating of >0.9, it is one of the highest performing acoustic wall panels on the Australian market. Rather than diverting the low frequency noise, as with a reflective noise barrier, the AcoustiSorb absorbs ~90% of the noise; thus removing it entirely from the equation.

AcoustiSorb HVAC Noise Control For Billbergia Apartments | ModularWalls

ModularWalls provided Billbergia with a turnkey solution, managing everything from the engineering, to custom manufacture and high-risk rooftop installation. The installation team craned the AcoustiSorb panels into position and installed them to the roof via base plates. With its pre-finished surface, the client also saved valuable time on post-installation painting or sealing.

Measuring 3m high, the enclosure effortlessly controls the HVAC noise, with a 50-year design life promising high-end aesthetics for years to come.