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Acoustic solutions for Bupa Aged Care facilities

28 July 2016

1 Min


Bupa Aged Care built a new facility along the busy Princes Highway in Sutherland, Sydney. The original council plans called for a timber fence along the main road boundary, which was quickly deemed unsuitable due to the high traffic noise and unappealing veneer; stronger acoustic solutions were needed…and ModularWalls was able to deliver.

Bupa sought out a more aesthetically pleasing solution to match the prestigious image of their premier facility and quickly settled upon the VogueWall system, which utilises the 75mm AcoustiMax panel. ModularWalls worked closely with Bupa, local council and Taylor Constructions to design a wall that not only blended with the surrounding landscape, but carefully navigated between the existing trees that had a preservation order on them. The minimal impact design of the ModularWalls post footing was a perfect fit for this application.

To enhance the natural, landscaped “feel” of the wall, setback bays were installed every 9 metres and a designer-series stone cladding applied. The final touch included painting in “Iron Stone” and a nonsacrificial anti-graffiti top coat to ensure a sophisticated finish that will last for many years to come.