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A Dyno room like no other for Diesel Tuning Australia

10 December 2015

2 Mins

ModularWalls were commissioned to build a custom-designed dyno room for Diesel Tuning Australia. The design and performance features of the room had to work seamlessly with a variety of dynamometers and applications to ensure the noise on the outside of the room was reduced by a minimum 35 decibel (dBA).

Prerequisites for the room included:

  • Provision of a controlled testing environment
  • Provision of a safe work space
  • Enable test and tune repeatability
  • Easy installation yet built to last
  • Cost-effective and affordable

The customer was absolutely delighted with the final result that utilised ModularWalls revolutionary AcoustiSorb panels.

“I can stand inside the Dyno room whilst a 500hp car is revving at full throttle and have a conversation. Then on the outside you can barely hear the car operating. I am ecstatic with the result the sound absorbing room has provided my workshop,” said Gary, owner of Diesel Tuning Australia.

ModularWalls’ Director and car enthusiast himself, Nick Holden was delighted by the construction.

“On the inside of the room you can still have a conversation with no reflective sound bouncing around,” said Nick.