Sound absorbing wall solution for RSL

  • 2 minutes
  • 28 July 2016

Smithfield RSL were undergoing an extension of their gaming lounge and turned to ModularWalls for a sound absorbing wall solution to shield neighbours and alleviate their noise concerns.

Local council had imposed strict mandatory acoustic regulations as part of the renovation which included both a sound absorbing requirement as well as a high transmission loss. Additionally, the acoustic wall required complex installation in and around old and new storm water pipes and pits. Finally, the noise mitigation solution located near the entry and exit stairs of the customer driven premise located along Sydney’s busy Cumberland Highway, had to be aesthetically welcoming.

RSL AcoustiSorb Sound Absorbing Wall -

The solution offered by ModularWalls included a custom-designed GuardianWall system measuring 4.5m – 5.3m tall and 47m long that incorporated our AcoustiSorb Plus panels. Due to the RW rating required, ModularWalls proposed a modified version of our standard AcoustiSorb sound absorbing panel. This panel was designed, tested and acoustically rated specifically for this project.

These panels of the sound absorbing wall have a perforated face to absorb sound waves within its core material, resulting in an NRC rating > 0.9. Working harmoniously with Merlot Constructions, ModularWalls installed the required sound absorbing walls in several carefully planned and calculated site visits.

Base plates and large pad footings were used where post embedment depth could not be achieved overcoming challenges from the old and new storm water pipes and pits. The pre-finished internal panel skins meant there was no requirement for painting on the inside following installation and the outside was painted in a colour to seamlessly blend into the rest of the development.

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