High performance AcoustiSorb® dyno room for eTuners Australia

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  • 30 March 2020

When eTuners Australia required a custom dyno room for their Research and Development Centre, ModularWalls’ revolutionary AcoustiSorb panel was deemed the perfect solution.

eTuners Australia are the leading ECU and TCU calibration specialists in Australia, with more than forty independent dealers across the globe. Their Research and Development Centre in Prospect, NSW, required a high-performance dyno room that upheld the reputation of excellence and expertise. With its highly acoustic properties, aesthetic sophistication and ease of installation, AcoustiSorb ticked all the boxes.

High acoustic performance perfect for a dyno room

ModularWalls worked closely with the client to provide a custom solution to deaden the noise of the ~100db screaming engines on the inside. These acoustic specifications were comfortably met with our high performance AcoustiSorb panels.

Harnessing revolutionary composite technology, AcoustiSorb is our high-performance noise absorption wall panel; it is custom designed to meet the modern world’s toughest acoustic pollution challenges. With NRC ratings of >0.9, AcoustiSorb typically offers up to a 34Rw noise reduction and effectively removes  90% of the noise from the environment.

Premium aesthetic values

Furthermore, the structural design of the panel itself was a huge benefit. The perforated, pre-finished aluminium panel face delivered a sophisticated aesthetic, whilst delivering a +50 years design life.

Ease of installation

Finally, due to their modular lightweight construction, AcoustiSorb panels are far faster and easier to install than fabricated in situ noise enclosures.

ModularWalls’ inhouse engineering team were able to design a custom solution to install within the space, including:

  • Vertical wall panels acted as the structural support for the insulated roof
  • 2000mm x 1200mm viewing window
  • Two sides to be fixed to existing brick walls

Measuring 11m long, 5m wide and 3.6m high, the dyno room provided exponential noise reduction capabilities, as well as an aesthetically striking feature for the centre.

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