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Straight from the Tradie, with Select Fencing

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Josh Ferrif, owner of the fencing company Select Fencing, has installed residential and rural fencing all over the Sydney area for almost a decade. For tradies interested in using modular wall systems in their projects, Josh lends some insight into the business relationship and benefits of being a Trade Partner of ModularWalls.

Straight from the Tradie: Select Fencing | ModularWalls

Q. How long have you been a Trade Partner?

Josh: I’ve been installing modular walls since late 2014 and became a Trade Partner shortly after my first few jobs.


Q. What brought Select Fencing to first use ModularWalls products?

I had a customer from Ropes Crossing request a quote for ModularWalls’ SlimWall to use for their corner-block boundary


Q. What kept you using them and suggesting them to customers?

I really liked the product and so did my customers. It is reasonably quick to install and –  in my opinion – one of the best overall fencing or wall systems around!


Q. What are the key features that excite or impress you about ModularWalls products?

The walls, once completed, provide a strong privacy or boundary fence, while adding a great feature to any home. There are many benefits to using ModularWalls – the main one for me is the finished product and how good it looks!

Straight from the Tradie: Select Fencing | ModularWalls

Q. How do you find installing the walls as a fence supply solution?

Like any type of fence, it takes time to learn all the tricks, but once known it is a reasonably easy system to work with.


Q. What are the main selling points that you emphasise to your customers to win a job?

The main selling point I give to my customers is that, long term, the wall will look great, add value to your home and provide great privacy and noise reduction.

Q. What sort of feedback do you generally receive from customers after installing a modular wall?

The customers are always so happy with their walls and generally are most excited to have their wall installed when it’s one of the finishing touches to completing and securing their home!

Q. Would you have any tips for other tradies thinking of using ModularWalls products?

The best tip I would give to any tradie that’s thinking of using the ModularWalls products is to call them and ask them about it! The staff are more than happy to help you in any department you need – from pricing, to install, or even getting work! I would say my business relationship with ModularWalls has definitely helped boost my business and is one of the best things to happen to my company.

Straight from the Tradie: Select Fencing | ModularWalls

More information and images regarding Select Fencing and the work they’ve done can be found on the company’s website or Facebook page. To find out how you could become a Trade Partner of ModularWalls, contact their in-house team and discuss the options available for you and your business.

Written by Evelyn Kandris


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