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How do I block loud music?

Loud music from your neighbour’s home or yard can be a tiresome issue to deal with, especially if it’s an ongoing occurrence. However, a solution that can significantly reduce the noise bombarding your home is a sound barrier fence.  Is loud music disturbing your peace and quiet?  If you are constantly being disturbed by loud…

DIY Ideas — Privacy Screens

Sometimes, replacing a fence is simply not possible…which is where privacy screens step in. We’ve detailed some insider tips into how to install a modular privacy screen and negate the cost and hassle of a total fence replacement! VogueWall creates dramatic privacy screen for Three Birds Renovations’ House 11 Common challenges that privacy screens solve…

Why true privacy screens should include acoustic privacy

Modern homes have become our sanctuaries; carefully crafted oases that replenish us after a long day and shield us from the demands of ‘the outside world’. Privacy screens have been a commonly requested solution for a long time; but as lots get smaller, we’re seeing a staggering rise in the quest for true acoustic privacy….