How to reduce dog noise in your yard

  • 5 minutes
  • 27 January 2022

Constant dog noise and barking can quickly become annoying, whether it’s your dog or the neighbours. So, here are a few things you can do to keep the peace with the dog and your neighbours.

Reduce Dog Noise

How to reduce dog noise — prevention is better than cure

If you are thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, it’s always good to plan for their arrival and prepare for all kinds of scenarios. One inevitable scenario is barking, so consider how it will affect your home and those around you. If you already have a four-legged friend at home, you will be aware of how loud a barking dog can be.

For example, an Australian Golden Retriever from Adelaide holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest dog bark with a whopping 113 decibels! In comparison, an adult shouting is approximately 80 decibels.

You will need a secure front and backyard to keep Fido safe. But have you considered that your fence may contribute to general dog noise? For instance, you may have a fence and gate with gaps allowing your dog to see people, the postie or other animals going past, and as a result, your dog will bark. Depending on your home’s location and how busy an area you live in, your dog barking could quickly escalate into a problem for you and your neighbours.

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ModularWalls boundary fence

ModularWalls fence and gate can help you in these situations as the solid panels will prevent your dog from seeing through or under the fence. An added benefit of a fence without gaps like ModularWalls is it will help reduce the barking sound travelling through the fence. The higher the fence, the better it will be at blocking the barking sounds entering your yard. As a result, you can expect to reduce the dog noise by up to 25 decibels.

Plus, a ModularWalls fence will keep your pets secure while you’re out. As there are no gaps like a wooden paling fence, there is no need to worry your escape artist dog will get stuck between palings and injured while you’re not home.

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Stop your dog’s excessive barking 

Your dog may be well behaved when you are home, but what happens when you’re away for extended periods?

  • If your dog is home by itself all day, do they need a playmate to keep them company?
  • Does your dog have enough food, water, and shelter?
  • Is your dog getting enough exercise?
  • Does your dog have enough toys and stimulation to prevent boredom?
  • Has your dog received adequate behavioural training?

If you’re ticking all the boxes and your dog/s are still barking up the neighbourhood, then perhaps doggy day care is the answer while you’re at work.

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Stop the neighbour’s dog barking

The noise from a dog barking while playing in its backyard is expected. It’s when barking becomes excessive and repetitive that it becomes bothersome. So, here are a few tips if you’re in this situation.

Talk to the neighbour and get to know the dog. Your neighbour may not be aware there is a problem with excessive dog noise, so providing times of the day and how long the barking continues will help determine the reasons behind the barking. Ask the dog owner if you can give the dog a few treats and become friendly with the dog. Hopefully, once the dog is familiar with you, it won’t bark every time you enter your yard.

As mentioned above, you can also look to block the dog’s view into your yard. If a new boundary fence is out of the question, a ModularWalls screen in your yard is always an option. A screen will also provide an additional barrier to reduce the barking sound.

Lastly, if your neighbour isn’t receptive to your concerns or allowing you to become friends with the dog, you might consider a dog whistle. The dog will hate the noise of the whistle and should stop barking if you persist in using the whistle every time the dog barks excessively.

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The last straw with dog noise 

If you live in an apartment complex and the barking persists even after you’ve tried all options, then write to your body corporate or real estate with specific dates and times when the barking occurs. Hopefully, the dog owner will take feedback from the body corporate on board and stop the dog from barking.

Lastly, if nothing minimises or eliminates the dog noise, file a complaint with the relevant body in your state or your local council; the threat of a hefty fine may be the motivation the dog owner needs.

Hopefully, the dog noise will cease in time, and everyone – four-legged friends included can enjoy some peace and quiet. But remember, there is usually a cause for the barking, so always check on the dog’s welfare in the first instance. By doing so, you may soon have a new best friend.

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