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How much do modular wall systems cost?

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As more and more homeowners discover the benefits of the modular fencing revolution, we hear one question more than any other: how much do modular wall systems cost?

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How much does a modular wall system cost?

Modular walls sit somewhere in between the cheap (timber & Colorbond) and the expensive (brick and rendered walls).

VogueWall is our most versatile masonry alternate wall system and is used for everything from 500mm high front walls to 3m tall boundary walls. Pricing begins at around $100 per square metre (materials only), or $187 per lineal metre (at 1.8m high).

EstateWall is our grandest modular wall system, mostly reserved for front walls or statement boundary or privacy walls. The square metre pricing for this wall style starts at around $118 (materials only), or $240 per lineal metre (at 1.8m high).

Compared to brick or rendered brick walls, this is where VogueWall and EstateWall sit (per lineal metre at 1.8m high)*:

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How much does modular fencing cost?

Modular fencing is slimmer and slightly more affordable than modular walls. Whilst modular wall systems mirror a brick wall with piers, modular fencing offers smooth, render-like panels and more subtle fence posts.

The two modular fence products in our range are SlimWall and TrendWall. SlimWall modular fencing starts at roughly $71 per square metre (materials only), or around $130 per lineal metre (at 1.8m high). Our high-performing TrendWall modular fencing starts at roughly $96 per square metre (materials only), or around $189 per lineal metre (at 1.8m high).

Compared to the cost of other fencing types, this is where SlimWall and TrendWall fit into the pricing ladder (per lineal metre at 1.8m high)*:

  • $50 – $120 for timber fences
  • $60 – $70 for Colorbond fences
  • $95 – $155 for powder-coated aluminium slat fences
  • $130 +GST for SlimWall modular fencing
  • $180 +GST for TrendWall modular fencing
  • 200 to $600 for glass fencing
  • $450 – $600 for wrought iron fencing

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Upfront costs vs maintenance costs

The outright cost of a modular wall or fence may seem costly compared to timber or metal; but don’t forget about maintenance costs. For instance, timber is highly susceptible to weathering, rotting and termites. This means it must be treated regularly to maintain its durability and replaces more often. Metal fencing can be surprisingly easy to damage, especially in strong winds; therefore, a less durable fence that will also need replacing more often.

On the other end of the spectrum, a rendered brick wall is highly durable. However, it is also susceptible to cracking over time due to ground movement and quite costly to repair and re-render.

A modular wall system, on the other hand, has very few maintenance issues once installed and painted.  The materials are incredibly durable and the post and panel configuration better allows for ground movement; the only maintenance to consider is a fresh lick of paint every 5-7 years as an optional freshen up.


DIY vs professional installation

Another cost to consider is whether you’ll be undertaking the installation yourself or hiring a professional installer.

ModularWalls’ wall systems were designed specifically for DIY customers, with easy to follow DIY guides and extensive Head Office support throughout the whole DIY process, including advice on design and material choices, 3D drawings and a 24/7 DIY hotline. You can save quite a lot by installing it yourself, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our national network of Trade Partners. Upon an initial chat with our quoting consultants about what you’re trying to achieve and ballpark installation costs, we’ll put you in contact with a local Trade Partner. These installers will take care of everything from the initial site assessment, to material ordering, right through to installation!

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Price vs value

Like all home improvement projects, this decision will influence your property value and maintenance costs over many years; therefore, the number one question you need to ask is, “is this a good investment?”

As a revolutionary product on the fencing market, choosing quality, trustworthy materials should be your number one priority. Check that your products are Australian Made ensure that they are made of durable construction materials that can withstand the harsh climates of our beautiful but fierce country.

Be wary of cheap materials; while imported products might be more affordable, the questionable quality of the materials rarely stand the test of time. Having been called to the rescue numerous times to replace defective competitor wall systems, we can safely attest that in the end, you actually save money by choosing quality first.


Extended 10-year warranty

Like any investment, your fencing comparisons should include warranty; you want to know that if anything does happen, you’re covered. Timber fencing, for instance, is incredibly hard to warranty, as they are so susceptible to weather damage and it can be difficult to track down the original fencer. Colorbond fencing does usually include a warranty, but there are many loopholes; living within 1km from marine environments, exposure to pool chemicals or attaching items to posts can easily void your cover.

At ModularWalls, we offer an extended 10-year warranty to all of our customers. This is because we know what a hassle any home improvement project is; we understand that you want to trust that once that fence is in, you don’t want to think about it again for a long, long time. And if something does happen, you’ll know exactly who to come to for a resolution.

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Comparing fencing costs

For more details, check out our extensive guide to fencing costs, where all factors of a fencing project are explored; including the ‘hidden costs’!


What is a modular wall or fence?

The Australian fencing market was a largely undisrupted industry; that is, until 2003, when Nick Holden, founder of ModularWalls, unveiled the world’s very first outdoor modular wall on ABC’s New Inventors program! Since then, ModularWalls has continued to develop and evolve the original modular wall ‘prototype’ into the range of residential fencing and walling solutions that we carry today.

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So what exactly are they? A modular wall system is a fencing product made from posts and panels, designed to mirror the premium aesthetics of rendered brick, but for a fraction of the price. Aesthetically, modular fences are sleek and streamlined (SlimWall and TrendWall), whilst modular walls more closely mirror a brick wall with piers (VogueWall and EstateWall).

Installation is far easier and quick (about 1/4 of the install time of brick) and can be DIYed or professionally installed by a Trade Partner. You can customise any of our wall styles with various finishing details such as capping and post tops, integrate additional features such as retaining, lighting, slats and other infills and finish them however you choose; paint, tile or cladding!

For more info, you can read our ‘What is a modular wall?’ article, where we go into all the ‘modules’ you can choose to create a modular masterpiece!

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Written by Evelyn Kandris

*all price comparisons for other fencing options in this article have been sourced from hipages.com and are indicative only


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