Match your fence or wall with our modular gate kit

Need driveway or pedestrian access, whilst still maintaining your privacy and security? Our Modular Gate Kit perfectly matches the rest of your wall or fence, complete with our revolutionary modular panel, hinges and latches!


The kit enables you to match the exact look of your wall or fence with a modular panel gate for a functional and seamless design. A solid panel gate for the side of your house or as a separate front entrance provides a highly secure separate entrance.

Our modular panel gate can be trimmed on site to fit any dimension. Like all modular walls and fences, the modular gate can be finished in any way you desire, from a simple paint job to a detailed Tuscan-style render. The gate is lightweight yet solid and high impact resistant, making them easier to open and close and less likely to put excessive strain on the hinges.

Find more specification, instructions and details in the Gates Installation Guide.

For more information about ModularWalls products, get in touch with their in-house team on 1300 556 957, or simply enquire below.

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