“Hello – Is This SlimWall™?”

Hello - Is This SlimWall? | ModularWalls

Are you ModularWalls™? Or SlimWall™?

Well…what if we told you we were both? We’ve noticed some confusion from our customers, so we’d thought we’d shed light on these frequently asked questions.


Q. What’s the difference between the two?

ModularWalls is the overarching manufacturer of wall and fencing products; SlimWall is one of those products.

ModularWalls has a collection of products available in both their commercial and residential ranges, with vast applicational possibilities. The residential range is comprised of three main wall systems, which all differ slightly in thickness and appearance:

  • EstateWall is the grandest aesthetic of the three, with 100mm thickness wall panels
  • VogueWall is the most popular and versatile system, with 75mm thickness wall panels
  • SlimWall is the sleekest and most lightweight system, with 50mm thickness wall panels

Basically, SlimWall is the apple, and ModularWalls is the tree it grows on.


Q. Am I talking to the same team of people?

Exactly the same office, with the same team of people, and even the same receptionist – which might explain why the voice who answered your call sounded so familiar!

It’s easy to lose track when you’re doing your research and organising quotes from a bunch of different companies – but that feeling wasn’t just déjá vu, it’s actually us again.


Q. If I already got a quote from SlimWall, can I get another one from ModularWalls? Or vice versa?

No; the quote is for the exact same product and the exact same pricing scheme, so it’ll be the exact same quote.


Q. Why is there a separate SlimWall website?

SlimWall is our fencing product, while ModularWalls caters mainly for residential masonry-alternative walls or commercial projects. As they are different markets, each website is aimed at a different audience to help direct our customers to the right product for them.

For example, if you needed a new front perimeter structure, you’d Google search either ‘front fence’ or ‘front wall’; ‘Front fence’ will return results including SlimWall, whereas ‘Front wall’ will find the ModularWalls website.


Q. So…can I please get a quote for a SlimWall?

Sure! You can:

  • Use our free quote tool to get a quick price estimate
  • Give our friendly team a call on 1300 556 957
  • Enquire below!


Written by Evelyn Kandris

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