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DIY ideas for modern fence designs

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Who knew DIY fencing could look this professional? Explore these killer DIY ideas to achieve a modern fence design with your own two hands.


Case Study: Elise & Matt from The Block 2019 install DIY VogueWall with wall lights

Outdoor wall lights

Lights are an integral step to creating an ambience in your outdoor area, as well as boosting the functionality of your yard. Entertain from dusk ‘til dawn or simply enjoy a softly lit dinner by yourselves.

With internal recesses in the posts, installing wall lighting and cabling is a breeze. To learn more, check out our detailed tutorial on how to integrate wall lights into your fence design.


Fix items to your modular fence panel

Some see a wall, others see a canvas.

Using this tutorial on how to fix items to your modular panel, you can boost the functionality of your fence design instantly!

From functional items, like pool accessories, garden hoses and washing lines, to design elements such as vertical gardens and wall art, make the most of your fence design.

Pool Feature Wall - Expressed Joint - Modern Fence | ModularWalls

Case Study: Expressed Joint creates striking focal point for pool feature wall

Expressed Joints

Design is all about self-expression, after all; while some customers love that our panel join lines are meticulously bevelled to be barely noticeable, others make it a design feature!

Our Expressed Joint feature has exploded in popularity in the past year. If you’re looking to create a sleek, modern fence with a striking architectural edge, be sure to look into how to install our Expressed Joint features.


Decorative fence panels

From front walls to feature bays, decorative panels can add a touch of flair to your fence.

Due to the modular construction of the post and panel fence systems, you’re able to customise the panel design to incorporate any type of infill you prefer; whether that be slats, louvres or decorative fence panels!

For more inspo, take a look at the decorative designs that our customers have created.

Picture Frame Fence - Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

Case Study: Modern take on picture frame fencing for new courtyard

Picture frame fencing

Traditionally used within timber fences, we’ve noticed our customers recreating this traditional fence design with a contemporary twist.

With this design, you can create a bordered aesthetic out of your boundary fence. This creates a stunning backdrop for feature plants, architectural gardens, sculptures, water features, wall art and even outdoor living zones.

If you’re interested in this look, find out how to achieve this design by combining External wall capping with Flush post tops.



Designing a front fence? Installing a letterbox is extremely simple; in fact, with certain wall styles (VogueWall & EstateWall), they can be housed within the post.

Whether you’re installing a ModularWalls letterbox or one of your own unique finds, you can read our guide on how to install letterboxes here.

Three Birds Renovations - VogueWall Privacy Screen Chosen for House 11 | ModularWalls

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations install VogueWall privacy screen for House 11

Privacy screens

Whether you’re restricted by budget or by neighbours, we get it; sometimes, an entire fence replacement is just not possible. But our customers have found a solution to achieve the look and feel they need from a new fence, without having to replace the old one; behold, the privacy screen.

By installing a run of modular fencing in front of your existing fence, you can instantly:

  • Boost privacy
  • Reduce neighbourly noise
  • Hide your unsightly, old fence
  • Save the cost and hassle of a total fence replacement

With a few considerations to keep in mind, this delivers that beautiful backdrop you’re after, without needing to replace an entire boundary; check out the details of how to install a privacy screen here.


Modular gates

Did you know that we also manufacture gates to match our modular fences?

Sturdy yet sleek, our gates offer a harmonised aesthetic against your overall fence design. We provide a range of pedestrian gate sizes and can even provide you with extra panels and capping to fashion yourself a driveway gate!

Find out how to install a modular gate within your fence today.

Architectural Gardens - Fence Design Trends | ModularWalls

Article: How to design setback bays into your fence

Setback bays

Built-in architectural features have been a huge trend in home design recently. Once used as visual interest in community developments, setback bays have become very popular for homeowners wanting a custom-designed outdoor area.

By installing selected bays further back or further forward than the rest of the fence, you can create setbacks for a large variety of uses. The most impressive we’ve seen have included feature gardens, built-in benches, murals, outdoor fireplace nooks and even sophisticated bin storage!


Wall finishes

Last, but certainly not least…how are you going to finish your wall?

Most of our customers paint their walls, with a striking trend emerging in regard to choosing darker fence colours. However, if you’re looking for more of a statement, our wall panels accept a variety of wall finishes.

From feature tiling, like Three Birds Renovations’ front wall in House 10, to cladding and renders, the world is your oyster. Browse the possible wall finishes here and find the perfect finishing touch for your modular masterpiece!

Installing your DIY fence

Have any queries about your DIY fence installation? You can browse our installation tutorial here, download our extensive Installation Guides or use our FAQ library to learn all about the world of DIY modular fencing.

If ever you need to chat to someone or ask advice, we also have 7-day phone support for our DIYers! Simply give us a call through our after-hours process and you’ll have direct access to a ModularWalls expert, who can discuss any questions you have and guide you through any step of your installation process.


Written by Evelyn Kandris

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