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Design Trend – Dark Fence Colours

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Come over to the dark side with this month’s featured design trend, as we explore the striking aesthetic of dark fence colours.

Expert Landscaping Tips We Learnt From The Design Duo | ModularWalls

The shift from white fencing

For many years now, fresh white has been the iconic choice for modern fence design. Emulating the premium aesthetic of a rendered finish, white fencing served as a clean, sophisticated canvas against which your landscaping and outdoor areas could truly ‘pop’.

However, the ongoing maintenance of white fencing has been a challenge for gardeners, who are regularly disturbing garden beds and moving soil around. Furthermore, with certain directional aspects, the glare of a white fence can be overwhelming for seating areas that may be positioned opposite.


The draw to dark fence colours

With the above factors in mind, homeowners and designers alike have transitioned into experimenting with darker backdrops.

Initial concerns were that it would be too heavy to achieve a balanced landscape; however, we quickly discovered that a dramatic backdrop provides the perfect opportunity for sun-lit foliage to shine, compared to being swallowed by the glare of white.

But enough theory; with design, pictures speak louder than words! We’ve hand-picked 5 projects that we think have absolutely nailed the dark fence colour trend; let’s dive in.

Pool Feature Wall - Expressed Joint | ModularWalls

Case Study: VogueWall with Expressed Joint pool wall

VogueWall with Expressed Joint in Melbourne, VIC

First off the rank and it’s an absolute kicker; this striking pool feature wall truly packs a punch. Against the bold black paint, the vibrancy of the pool and lawn, as well as the smooth pool coping, become even more contrasted and highlighted.

Additionally, the contemporary lines of the pool and landscaping have been carried through with the use of Expressed Joints. To top it all off, the Flush post tops and Flush wall capping deliver a clean, polished finish.

TrendWall - High Performance Modualr Fence System| ModularWalls
Case Study: TrendWall pool feature fence

TrendWall feature fence in Melbourne, VIC

This modern feature fence was the winner of our 2018 Ultimate Outdoor Lifestyle Pack, for its innovative design details. The deep, blue-toned colour of ‘Leadman’, by Dulux, creates the perfect moody atmosphere for this brand new pool area.

To add interest, the Aluminium was left to shine through within the posts and Expressed Joints, while outdoor lights offered a touch of warmth.

Front Yard Transformed With VogueWall Boundary Wall | ModularWalls
Case Study: VogueWall courtyard boundary wall

VogueWall boundary wall in Cleveland, QLD

Compared to the above examples, the colour of this boundary wall is far more muted. However, we must take into account the surroundings; against the borrowed landscape of gum trees and accents of pebble flooring, the dark grey harmonises beautifully.

Furthermore, the creative capping combination creates a wonderful additional design feature. The Flush post tops and External wall capping combines to create an architectural frame for each bay, continuing the angular structure within the landscaping and garden beds.

Case Study: Alisa & Lysandra’s SlimWall in The Design Duo’s Albert Park Reno

SlimWall with Expressed Joints, Albert Park, VIC

One of our most popular projects to date, this SlimWall courtyard fence was celebrated as the perfect framing for Alisa & Lysandra’s courtyard makeover in their reno series, The Design Duo.

With the sleek SlimWall system finished in Dulux’s Monument shade, the boundaries of the small area seemed to blend into natural shadow, creating the illusion of space. With the suble touch of Expressed Joints, it was the perfect balance of  ‘barely there’ designer details.

Case Study: Bonnie from Style Curator reviews DIY SlimWall

DIY SlimWall with Style Curator

Last, but certainly not least; one of our very first dark fence installations!

Style Curator is a blog following the journeys of home renovation gurus on their pursuit to a stylish home. In 2017, style guru Bonnie used SlimWall modular fencing for her backyard makeover…with dramatic results.

As you can see, the deep colour of the fence sat beautifully with the red mulch and ornamental grasses; while on the other hand, it provided a kick of contrast for the light green shrubbery.


Written by Evelyn Kandris

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