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Straight from the Tradie: Customer Satisfaction = Success

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Success is Customer Satisfaction: Straight from the Tradie | ModularWalls

The key to success, Straight from the Tradie, is Customer Satisfaction. Brad Serravalli, of BJS Urban and Equine Fencing Solutions, wholeheartedly believes in the power of Word of Mouth; in fact, the company’s mission statement is a testament to customer success:

“Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations when it comes to Customer Service in the fencing industry. We believe the strength of any business is built on good Word of Mouth. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated which is politely, respectfully and honestly.”

ModularWalls had the opportunity to pick Brad’s brains on how — and why — you leave a customer raving about their experience with your company’s service.

Q. Why is Customer Satisfaction important to you and your business? 

Brad: A satisfied customer can lead to new ones, or even repeat business if and when needed. Generally, people are very loyal to good businesses and people.

Q. How important is ‘Word of Mouth’ and good reviews?

Brad: Word of Mouth is everything.  With the ability to post things on social media immediately, Word of Mouth is one of the MOST important aspects to help your business grow.

People go straight to your Google reviews to get an idea of how you operate; if there are reviews not reflecting a positive experience from the customer’s point of view, then it reflects poorly on you and your business.

Q. So have you seen any benefits to keeping your customers satisfied and engaged?

Brad: We’ve had several customers come back to us because of the service we’ve offered them on their first encounter with us.  As an example, we rendered a customer’s wall over a year ago and have just now been engaged to fence four of his homes within one development.

Customer Satisfaction - Residential Fencing | ModularWalls

Q. Do you have a ‘checklist’ you go through to maintain customer engagement? 

Brad: Every time something arises on site that’s out of our control — like pipes in the way or supply issues — we contact the customer straight away. No one likes surprises and we’d rather talk to our customers many times a day and keep them involved in the process, rather than leave them in the dark; people like to be involved.

Q. Is there a #1, most important thing your company does to ensure customer success?

Brad: It’s simple, really — it’s not rocket science: treat people how you would like to be treated.

Q. How do you handle a customer who isn’t satisfied? 

Brad: Keep things factual and work with the customer on a resolution together. Remember that the customer is the customer and there’s a reason why they’re not satisfied.

Q. What’s the biggest tip for other Tradies about customer engagement and satisfaction?

Brad: Remember these three critical elements:

  • Communication
  • Punctuality
  • Caring about your work

Written by Evelyn Kandris


With our products, it’s impossible to not leave a customer satisfied. We can help you expand your client base, grow your skill set and bridge the market gap between fencers and bricklayers.

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