DIY retaining wall provides cost-effective solution

31 March 2017

This resident needed to level the uneven yard of his home situated on the low side of the street and increase the functionality of his outdoor space. The solution had to offer affordable, easy installation that matched the modern aesthetics of their home as well as fitting within their renovation budget. The VogueWall Aluminium retaining…

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Aluminium pool wall withstands corrosion while creating sleeker appearance

20 March 2017

The owner of this home in the Sydney suburb of Concord wanted to build a tall boundary fence around the backyard swimming pool that would be aesthetically pleasing yet resilient. Because of the terrain surrounding the property the homeowner wanted to incorporate a retaining function into the boundary wall, as well as minimize space consumption…

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Modular solution facilitates wall installation around backyard swimming pool

21 December 2016

The designer of this new home with a commanding view of Port Phillip Bay wanted to install a boundary wall almost directly adjacent to the property’s sizeable backyard swimming pool. The considerable size of the pool in combination with its close proximity to the property boundary required a wall installation process that would be less…

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VogueWall replaces brushwood pool fence to deliver the modern touch

29 November 2016

The owner of this property in the Sydney suburb of Davidson needed to replace a 17 metre brushwood boundary fence that was situated directly adjacent to the backyard swimming pool. Davidson is located 20 kilometres to the northeast of the Sydney CBD, in an area that is at significant risk of bushfires in the summer….

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Create stunning timber in-fill walls using modular solutions

26 October 2016

The developers of a residential project in the Melbourne seaside suburb of Point Cook wanted to create boundary walls for the corner lots that would provide a stylistic complement to the semi-timber architectural design of the homes themselves. At the installer’s recommendation the developers opted to use the EstateWall supplied by ModularWalls, on the grounds…

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Incorporating classical fencing features

13 October 2016

The client wanted to create a brick-style boundary wall as part of an extensive overhaul of this residential property in Sydney’s North Shore, involving the construction of a council crossover driveway and the installation of artificial turf to create additional parking space. The client wanted a solid, masonry-style wall with an iron fencing feature that…

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Corner block retaining wall draws compliments from strangers

4 October 2016

The owner of this elevated residential corner block in Sydney’s South wanted a retaining wall to help raise the ground level of the property at its perimeter to approximately 1 metre above the adjacent pavement. The house itself is situated considerably high above street level, so the owner wanted to avoid a steep incline within…

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Tugun Corner Block SlimWall

A corner block fit for a king

16 September 2016

This residential corner block in Tugun on the Gold Coast posed a number of unique installation challenges. The site was very narrow with a frontage of only 3 metres, and had steep sides running up to a two-unit house situated at an elevation of between 0.6 to 1.5 metres above street level. Given the elevation…

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