10 ways to nail your backyard BBQ this Australia Day

Australia Day is only one week away! The calendars have (finally) delivered an absolutely glorious long weekend for the festivities; a toast to not worrying about working with a sore head the next day! If you’re planning a backyard BBQ for Aussie Day, check out these great tips to take your event from “mate…” to “maaaate!”.

10 Ways to Nail your Backyard BBQ this Australia Day | ModularWalls 

Just chuck it on the Barbie!

There’s always the standard snags and slice bread option to fall back on; but if you’re looking for something a little more scrumptious, try these awesome BBQ recipes, including some veggie options for the herbivores at your shindig.

Jamie Oliver’s beer butt chicken  |  Barbecued salt and pepper squid  |  6 Magical Grilled Corn Recipes

Royal BBQ pork loin  |  Honey sesame lamb cutlets  |  BBQ veggie salad with lime and pepper haloumi

Black & blushing Worcestershire fillet  |  Smokey Miso Eggplants  |  Prawn & chorizo skewers with mustard and thyme dressing


Easy does it

Check out these amazing dishes that’ll fill everyone’s plates and not take up your entire day preparing. Try to have a variety, so even the pickiest eaters and passionate foodies will be left satisfied!

Fresh prawns with 3 homemade dipping sauces  |  Caprese salad  |  Rainbow slaw

Chicken and veggie sausage rolls  |  BLAT pasta salad cups  |  Mediterranean fried rice tarts

10 Ways to Nail your Backyard BBQ this Australia Day | ModularWalls

All A-beer-d

Beer Stations look way better than a mess of eskies! Use objects like steel bowls, buckets, drink carts, beer barrows, crates and old furniture to fashion a unique backyard bar for your guests to whet their whistle.


“A frozen daiquiri of a scorching afternoon…”

-Tallula Bankhead

In addition to a funky beer station, make some fun frozen drinks for your guests to chill out! Make it family friendly, with fruity smoothie recipes, or add a touch of fun with these recipe twists for daiquiris, margaritas and piña coladas.

10 Ways to Nail your Backyard BBQ this Australia Day | ModularWalls

Make a splash

If it’s going to be a stinking hot day, it can be fun to include some water play. It’s a great way to keep young kids’ body temperatures down, it keeps the older kids entertained and even the adults will get into it (especially the ones who’ve hung around the Beer Station for a while). Remember, warn your guests if there’ll be water play so they can dress appropriately and if there’s an actual pool party, make sure it’s safe, supervised pool play.


Keep your cool

If water play isn’t right for your event, there are other ways of beating the heat this Australia Day. Outdoor fans, misters, and plenty of shade are obvious environmental ways to keep cool. Some smaller, quirkier ideas, like spritzer bottles with ice water and lavender or peppermint oil, chilled and scented towel rolls, handheld vintage fans and spa-inspired hydrating water concoctions, will add a unique touch to your function.

10 Ways to Nail your Backyard BBQ this Australia Day | ModularWalls

Pull up a rug

Offer a variety of seating options for your guests; the standard table-and-chair combo is great for eating, but it’s less helpful when you want to mingle or stretch your legs a little.

Benches, crates, and stools offer casual seating options that allow your guests to flow through different locations, whilst rugs and floor pillows are a great addition for children’s corners or families with bubs.


Trust me, you’re gonna wanna weatherproof it

Our summers are wrought with freak storms and southerlies that suddenly blow a gale, up-ending perfectly arranged serving tables and giving flight to hundreds of serviettes.

Therefore, make sure your backyard BBQ is weatherproofed; expect a windy, rainy mess of a day and organise a back-up sheltered entertaining area. That way, when it’s nothing but blue skies, you’ll be utterly thankful for the weather instead of cursing it.

10 Ways to Nail your Backyard BBQ this Australia Day | ModularWalls

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Have a go!

Cricket at a backyard BBQ on Australia Day …such a cliché, yet still so, so good.

Or, if you want to mix it up, have a look at other athletic games like bocce, kubb or giant Jenga. If you fancy a bit of a laugh without needing to rely on your hand-eye coordination, games like Celebrity Heads, Cards Against Humanity (if you’re game), normal cards or even old board games are fun to have on standby.


Aussie Bangers

Whether you were one of many who used to listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown, or just can’t stand radio ads, check out places like Spotify, YouTube, AppleMusic or Pandora for great playlists that pay tribute to awesome Aussie music.

For a grand finale, check out this list of the Top 17 Aussie Bangers; including, OF COURSE, ‘The Horses’ by Daryl Braithwaite.

Written by Evelyn Kandris


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