Straight from the Tradie: An interview with Paul Durazza

An interview with Tradie Paul Durazza | ModularWalls

Paul Durazza, from P & T Structural Landscaping in Sydney, has been working with ModularWalls for over a decade. He shares with us what excites him about Modular Walls, what he says to customers to win jobs, and some tips for other tradies.

Q. What are the key features that excite you about using ModularWalls products?

Paul: ModularWalls is a growing local company that manufactures their own products, which is great for credibility and accessibility of the materials. Nick Holden (the owner) really pushes for innovation and has a strong vision for the future. Their staff will always go out of their way to support you with design information and installation. Their modular walls are very easy to install with minimal effort and manpower, and look just like a brick wall. It truly is the new generation for masonry walls. I have been working with these guys for over 12 years now, and it’s great to see these guys growing within the industry.

Q. How do you find installing modular walls? Is it any more difficult than other types of fencing?

Paul: There is no difference in installing a modular wall to any style of fencing; like any fence, it’s all about preparations and getting the post right from the start. It really is quick and easy to install I must say – no hard work involved.

Q. What are the main selling points that you emphasise to your customers to help win a ModularWalls job?

Paul: Where to start really? Firstly I really push the credibility of the company. There is a 7-year warranty on the products, and in all those years installing modular walls, I’ve hardly gone back to correct or repair work. That speaks for itself. Secondly, I tell my customers that the products are manufactured locally by an Australian company, and this shows in the superiority of the product. Finally, the cost compared to a regular brick wall hits home every time; for the same look, customers are amazed to often save half their budget.

Q. What sort of feedback do you generally receive from customers after installing a modular wall?

Paul: Once installed, people simply don’t stop raving about their walls! They absolutely love the product, love the look, love the versatility and different finishing options. It’s also great to hear good feedback about my guys and our work. It’s a lot messier to install a brick wall, let me tell you!

Q. Would you have any tips for other tradies thinking of using ModularWalls products?

Paul: You really need to have the passion to install a great product and go beyond the customer’s expectations. When you get a lead, just follow-up straight away – don’t wait. Whether you are a fencer, builder, landscaper or handyman, you Just have to give ModularWalls a try. Once you install a couple of them and get the hang of it, you’ll want to do more and more – I guarantee it. It’s easy as pie.


For more information about ModularWalls products, get in touch with their in-house team on 1300 556 957, or simply enquire below.

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