The Who, What and Why of our Trade Partners; Your Guide to Professional Install

ModularWalls has been proudly serving residential Customers with premium wall and fencing products for years.  Our treasured Customers have significantly grown, with demand expanding nationwide – from metro city-dwellers to regional farmers – and even breaking into the international market.

As the manufacturer, we rely on our Trade Partners to be the ‘boots on the ground’, so to speak, and help our Customers turn our material products into their new wall.


Who are they?

A Trade Partner is a professional tradesman that quotes and installs our products. After our initial chat with you – our Customer – we forward your contact details and requirements to a Trade Partner that services your area.

Our nation-wide Trade Partner Network is a curation of skilled, reliable tradies that we trust to quote and install our product correctly and efficiently, and are the preferred professional installers for our wall systems.

What do they do?

  1. Receive a Customer’s contact details and project specifications from a ModularWalls consultant.
  2. Make contact with the Customer within a few days to arrange a suitable time to measure the property and assess site conditions.
  3. Factor in all details of the installation process and provide The Customer with a free, no obligation, itemised quote, detailing material and labour costs.
  4.  Organise the procurement of materials from ModularWalls and install the wall, if the Customer accepts the quote.


Why are they important?

Our Customers are given a choice of two installation options; DIY or Supply & Install. For the DIYers, we simply supply the Customer directly, but some require Installation help as well – and that’s where our Trade Partners come into the picture.

Although they are independent businesses to ModularWalls, their professional relationship is highly valued and integral in allowing us to service Customers all over Australia, which would otherwise be impossible for us.


How does ModularWalls and the Trade Partner work together?

This professional relationship is a symbiotic collaboration between ModularWalls, the Customer and the Trade Partner.

ModularWalls will ensure that:

  • The Customer is allocated to the appropriate Trade Partner for their needs.
  • All the Customer’s details are correct and forwarded to the Trade Partner.
  • The communication, quoting and installation process is working well for both parties.
  • The material order is processed and delivered swiftly and accurately.

The Trade Partner is responsible for:

  • Contacting the Customer and organising the site assessment.
  • Providing the customer with an accurate quote in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Utilising their expertise and professional opinion to collaborate with the Customer on the best solution.
  • Procuring all materials and installing the Customer’s wall correctly and efficiently.

The Customer is able to:

  • Collaborate with ModularWalls and the Trade Partner about specific requirements/design preferences of their wall.
  • Contact ModularWalls at any stage with feedback, questions or concerns throughout the entire process.
  • Trust their project is in capable hands of professionals with the experience, integrity and skill-sets to deliver a premium solution.


Can ModularWalls estimate their labour/installation costs?

As they are independent businesses and trusted professionals, ModularWalls cannot provide their labour/installation costs in a quote estimate.

Labour/installations costs are reliant on the specificities of installation and site condition factors that the Trade Partner assesses during the initial meeting with the Customer. Therefore, if ModularWalls is unable to estimate those site condition factors, they are also unable to supply labour/installation estimates.

Written by Evelyn Kandris


To find out more about the details of each installation option, get in touch with our in-house consultants and find out which choice is the best fit for you.

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