10 ideas to inspire your new boundary wall for Spring


Spring is in the air… It’s the perfect time for new ideas, change, and action – like building a new boundary wall for your home, or simply fix that falling fence with a sturdier option! With ModularWalls, there are no limit to your creativity: if you can think of it, we’ve probably done it already! With an endless array of different options and finishes, we can transform any backyard and boundary walls into a piece of art.

Without further ado, here are 10 inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing…


Mix up the texture of your modular panels with timber panels for a timeless and vibrant feel.


Glass never fails to raise the elegance bar. Consider using glass as infills between posts to create the ultra modern courtyard wall.


Textured feature walls create a centre piece for your outdoor space. A Modular Wall is designed to easily accommodate any feature your heart desires.


If your main goal is privacy, your answer is simple – build a taller wall! Our walls can be installed up to 3000mm high – perfect to keep your outdoor space, YOUR outdoor space.


Slats have become a popular choice of infill over the years, and they arent going out of fashion anytime soon. Give your wall a touch of modernism and go for the aluminium slatted aesthetic.


Paint is your best friend when it comes to creating a simple and economical yet effective feature wall. Why not have alternating coloured panels to add some contrast to your wall?


Incorporating touches of nature with your boundary wall always wins a treat. Consider garden beds, flower boxes, vines, and any other greenery to set the environment.


There is nothing like a feature wall set alongside the vibrancy of a pool. A Modular Wall is the perfect key to creating the pool wall of your dreams.


Disguise your wall with natural greenery to transform your outdoor space into a forest-inspired oasis.


Give a “large brick” look to your wall with this rendered-brick feature. Notice as well how our walls can be cut to respect existing protected trees? This simply can’t done with traditional bricks.

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